"Disasters of The XXI Century" Statement 2013  
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By Pedro Pacheco

New York February 2013


The earth is a miracle that humanity has inherited after millions of years of evolution.
It was, and is, a gift to humanity, to the 7 billion people who inhabit it.

But over the last 200 years, human greed has been destroying the natural balance that belongs to everyone.  This greed does not benefit the entire human species; it exists for the benefit of a few with financial power.  It is destroying all the good that the earth has given man for thousands of years.

There is a silent domain created in the world as a result of the pressure of a dominant materialism.  This domain is organized by powerful groups of interest, by a global ruling elite that serves only its own interests.  This ruling elite intends to exercise control over the individual by stripping him of his values and principles, as well as subjecting him to a silent, dark and cruel tyranny full of lies.   The sole purpose is to promote chaos, alienation and the destruction of both society and nations in order to establish a World Government led by the elite. It is the New Tyranny in Our Civilization.

At the beginning of this century, based on this reality we now live in, I decided to undertake this series of works that I have titled “Disasters of the XXI Century” It is inspired by “Disasters of War”, a series created in the early eighteenth century by Francisco de Goya, an artist who served as a notary during the Independent War in Spain against Napoleon’s armies.

The sad truth is that “Disasters of War” depicted by Goya, are in absolute force today.  The riders of the Apocalypse, i.e. War, Famine, Pestilence and Death are at full gallop today.

Because of social and political inaction, silence, indifference and neglect, the greatest crimes against humanity are being committed.  Among these resulting crimes are the permissiveness of brutality, hunger, despair, destruction and even death.  In a society where inequality is the criterion of progress, poverty, hunger and injustice will never disappear. One percent of humanity dominates 99 percent, while only 20% of the global community takes advantage of the 100% of the earth’s resources.  What madness! What injustice!

According to the latest reports on the state of our planet Earth, a global development model is unsustainable today.  Only through a radical transformation of the global economy and major reforms in the banking, fractional reserve and monetary systems, could we change the state of things.  But this is impossible to be considered feasible in the near future since this elite group has much power and is determined to go ahead, no matter what. Under this circumstance, it is quite impossible to change things.

The sovereignty of the countries no longer belongs to the people.  It is no longer in the hands of government; these countries are now dominated by large corporations, multinational economic groups and especially by global banking in the hands of the most powerful families in the world.

Since 2008, the economic crisis as a natural task of man became extinct to make way for the power of money and all it can buy. The new god is money.

The economy itself has lost its social meaning.  While scholars warn of things to come, a few, the “owners” of the world continue to frantically accumulate wealth and property.

Today, we have lost the core values of reference, convictions and beliefs.  We have lost faith and we live in a relativism that permeates everything in the daily life of the individual and extends to the whole society.

This global elite is oppressing the population and governments of the world because they want to control world banking, education, the process of providing food and medicine and, most importantly, energy.  It is oppressing the world population by manipulating the truth or keeping silent about everyday news.  The whole system is set up to produce insecurity, fear, and silence because the media is controlled by the same elite.
When the people left out of the minimum chances of survival become aware of this global tyranny and wake up in the near future, the result may be a disaster that erupts whose consequences might be irreversible
I have been working on this series since the end of 2011.  I want to show the expression of violence in its different forms, brutal occurrences that happen without reason, and the most abominable face of power over the powerless.  I want to show the consequences of the decisions of the powerful in the expressions of those who suffer.
This work is a vision of life, a critical reflection on the situation of humanity today, its causes and consequences.

These works are also a reflection on the essence of evil that try to show some pictures before which we cannot remain indifferent.  I want the result of this contemplation to be like a punch to the conscience, since the current system   leads us to dehumanization; a state in which all our values and noble aspirations of peaceful coexistence cannot survive.  I do not want to see a human being becoming a mere object deprived of fundamental rights and therefore of all dignity.
“Nobody is innocent,”as Goya would say.

We are seeing how the noblest ideas of freedom and progress have been converted into weapons for mastery and destruction that shields a new and barbarous domination impulse.  
We are seeing how the “financial elite” imposed order by violating the most fundamental rights of man.
We are seeing how the most powerful nations are being enslaved not by force but by economic debt.

There is no innocence in my era. Maybe my paintings are only the innocent reflection of the tyranny suffered by man today.  After almost 4 million years of evolution , man  has  arrived at this 21st century and finds himself at a real crossroads, but in spite of his material, intellectual, political and technological progress, each time it helps less his mental health and tends to undermine his internal security, happiness and the capacity for love.  It is up to our civilization to choose the proper path.

More than 200 years ago, Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding fathers of the noble North American Nation, wrote this sentence, so valid for our time, “I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of men.”



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