Special Events  


Beginning of my artistic career.


In the year 1962 I completed my studies in The Merchant Marine Academy in Spain and I started my career as an officer in the merchant navy.

In 1964 I had embarked on the ship “Asma B” from an Arabian Company on the Red Sea, which sailed along the coast of the Arabian Peninsula and East Africa, with a enthusiasm more motivated by what adventure meant, rather than interest in advancing my career as a seaman.

Little did I imagine that the experience that I had at this time would change my life completely.

A change in my life and in my way of thinking started with my visits to the desert of Saudi Arabia during the years 1964 and 1965 in the area of Rabigh, a small city in the north of the city of Jeddah, the most important sea port of Arabia in the Red Sea.

It was during these excursions to the desert where I discovered my artistic vocation.

I was in the same place that T.E. Lawrence started his Arab Revolt 47 years before. I made many visits to my Bedouin friends, and the solitude and meditation in the desert pervaded through my person and where the silence you can hear and feel the beating of your own heart, and where contemplating the vastness you manage to discover the sensation of motion of the Earth in the Universe.

The desert can reach you, wrap you, also, in a sense of inner catharsis where everything is very simple yet very deep, where words are useless because only with your inner peace in the immense stillness, you get to feel the vibrations that cause your discovery, your inner confession.

It's when you hear the sound of silence and earth and wind the language written in the sand.

I think I came to understand something about T.E. Lawrence, it felt like the vibration that wakes intimate contemplation of the desert. I understood his answer when asked what he liked about the desert. His only answer ..."because it's clean".





My First Drawing in Saudi Arabia Desert. 1965



The City of Jerusalem 1972


I was invited several times by my dear friend Yosef Carmel to become acquainted with the Holy Land and the State of Israel. I Wrote on occasion that the air of Jerusalem is full of prayers and while there I felt a spiritual and a very special emotion. A land of history that is written between the stones, sand and olive trees. A very special story and that no other city in the world can express, a place where three spiritual movements have guided generations for millennia.

Since the time of Abraham, David, and Solomon this city has in its history with more than 21 assaults motivated by the wars of possession, but only the tense peace in our time, requires all nations and generations to respect it, even despite its fragility.





Special Cultural Ambassador from Barcelona in Glasgow,Scotland


In 1974 and under the patronage of my dear friend Mr. Robert Robertson,Chairman of The Hutchison Engineering Group of Scotland and President of the Dumbarton Football Club also from Scotland, organized an exhibition of my paintings for presentation at the McLellan Galleries in Glasgow. Upon the news of this exhibition, the city of Barcelona, Spain, through the Department of Culture proposed to the Mayor Enric Maso to acquire one of my paintings, "From the Moment of Silence". Oil on Canvas, 130 x 90cm. Which was then to be presented to Mr. William Gray, The Lord Provost of the City of Glasgow as a gesture of goodwill from the citizens of Barcelona to the citizens of Glasgow. During the presentation of the exhibition Mr. Gray said: "This gift from the City of Barcelona to the City of Glasgow is a gesture of reconciliation between the two cities for the unfortunate incidents during the final of the Champions League between Barcelona FC and Glasgow Rangers in 1972 " At the root of this act the Chairman of Glasgow Rangers,Mr. Matt Taylor also said at the presentation of the exhibition that the Scottish team would go back to Barcelona for the summer to play and to heal this division which was caused by the Rangers fans in the final of “European Cup 1972”, between Barcelona FC. and Glasgow Rangers.

The references can be found in: Scotland's Newspaper "Glasgow Herald", April 2, 1974

Also "The Scottish Daily Express" in April 1974.

During the exhibition Mr. Robert Robertson acquired the painting "Toward a point of convergence" in oil on canvas and 90cm x 130 cm, to be also given as a present to The Museum of the City of Glasgow.




Her Majesty The Queen Dona Sofia of Spain.1976


In 1976 during the months of January and February, I exhibited in the halls of the Hotel Princesa Sofia in Barcelona and showed my artwork from the series "Towards a Projection in the Cosmos", in honor of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a French Jesuit who was known as a thinker , philosopher, archaeologist and theologian and whom I greatly admired and was the inspiration for this series.

I wrote a series of letters of invitation to scientists, writers, archaeologists and academics nationally and internationally among whom were British writer Arthur C. Clark and film director Stanley Kubrick, with whom I kept contact with for a while by letter and who had both shown interest in my work.

Her Majesty the Queen Dona Sofia of Spain was invited because of her passion about history and archeology and the exhibition coincided with her first visit to Barcelona and I was very pleasantly surprised by her acceptance and had the honor of receiving her at my exhibition on February 7, 1976




Press conference about “The World Fantastic”. 1976


I participated with LOUIS PAUWELS, author of "The Morning of the Magicians", ERICH VON DANIKEN, author of "The Chariots of the Gods", and other international authors in Barcelona ,Spain, in January 29, 1976.

In the months of January and February 1976, the "Vanguard Club," created by the newspaper La Vanguardia in Barcelona, and directed by the famous journalist, Mr. Alberto Oliveras , proposed to me that my exhibition of paintings as a homage to the great thinker and philosopher Theilard Father de Chardin, and I entitled "Towards a Religious Projection in the Cosmos", and show in the saloons of the Hotel "Princess Sofia" in the city of Barcelona, was integrated into the world-event under the title of "THE FANTASTIC WORLD", brought together writers, journalists, scientists and researchers of the paranormal magic and around the world.

Be sharing these days with people likes Mr. Pauwels and Mr.Von Daniken was one of the most revealing experiences on research and study of the Secret History of the….”Official History”.




With the actress Elizabeth Taylor in Tel-Aviv Israel in December 1976


Invited, again, by my close friend Yossi Carmel, Vice-Chairman of the Board of the Tel-Aviv University and, Cultural advisor to the State of Israel President Ephraim Katzir, to visit Israel for the second time in December 1976. During the Variety Club dinner at the Hilton Hotel, actress Elizabeth Taylor was the guest of honor. Pacheco presented to the actress a special edition of lithographs numbered and signed by the artist, number 5 / 75 edition, of his series of "Towards a projection in the Cosmos." The numbered edition 6 / 75 the painter gave to the foundation "Variety" for its annual auction for helping the new immigrants to the State of Israel.




Mural in Barcelona 1980


It was the largest mural I painted in my artistic career. I did, by commission, during the year 1980 in the Parking of Atalaya Building in Barcelona, Spain. Its dimensions are 600 meters long by 4 meters high (approximately)




Installation in Qumran, Dead Sea, Israel, 1995


In November and December of the year 1995 I visited, one more time, the Land of Israel invited by Yosef Carmel and The Municipality of Jerusalem. He had his studio in Miskenot Shaananim and held his first exhibition at the Gallery of the Municipality of Jerusalem. During his stay he visited the Dead Sea and Qumran area with a photographer from the Miskenot residence. In one of the small caves he buried one of his paintings entitled "Towards another Sea/ Ark of Noah", Oil on canvas. Size 75" x 50". On the back he dedicated it to the people of Israel. Interestingly it rained that day after eleven years without rain in the desert of Judea. A rainbow appeared on the way back to Jerusalem.





Patriot Memorial Hall. Defense Intelligence Agency. Washington D.C. 2001


The emotional impact of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York on September 11, 2001 led me to create a small series of paintings related to this sad event. One of those paintings titled "WHEN THE MORNING WAS BROKEN", in mixed media and measure 30 "x36". I made a small number of prints and one of them I presented to my dear friend Lt. Ed Sloan of DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) for its office in Washington DC.

The impression of this painting attracted the attention of the Chief Admiral Jacoby, who took an interest in the original. I give the original to D.I.A. as a present to The People of the United States of America.

Since November of 2001, this painting is on permanent exhibition in THE PATRIOTS MEMORIAL HALL. of D.I.A. in Washington D.C. There are more than 2750 print of this painting by the United States and Europe.





With The Senator Hillary Clinton


In September 2006, I received a phone call from Sra.Luz Mendez, who was the personal secretary of the senator of New York State Mrs. Hillary Clinton. She inquired if I would be willing to make a series of photographs during the ceremony of presentation of the new interns who would be working for the senator for New York State Mrs. Hillary Clinton. After photographing all 72 interns with Senator Clinton, I presented a signed print of my painting that is in the Patriots Memorial Hall of the Defense Intelligence Agency in Washington DC. "WHEN THE MORNING WAS BROKEN” She was very kind and reciprocated with a personalized signed copy of her biography.




Museum of Glasgow


In September 2011 the BBC notify me via e-mail that two of my paintings are included from that date in "THE NATIONAL PATRIMONY OF THE UNITED KINGDOM”, and these paintings are in the Museum of the City of Glasgow.

"From the Moment of Silence" Oil on Canvas. 90 cm x130 cm and, "Toward a Point of Convergence",Oil on Canvas and 90cm x 130 cm, Both from 1974.


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