Poem to the artwork of Pedro Pacheco

by Francis Tessa

Belgian Poet

Exhibition at XXI Century Gallery, Antwerp

Belgium 1972



Je vous donne toute musique
Et la priere susurree de l’arbre
Dans l’avant-jour
Je vous donne le langage morse des pluies
La fraiche melopee de l’eau
Sur l’ogive des feuilles
Le temps ecrit dans les noeuds de l’ecorce
Le chant indeschiffrable
Des arabesque d’oiseaux
Le deliren du vent
Sur l’immensite.

Je vous donne ce signe des branches
Ce viatique de seves je voudonne
En partage ce peu de sang
Cette haleine circonscrite
Dans l’angoisse des chambers
Je vous donne mon cri virginal
Je vous donne mes mains ouvertes

Ce simple matin du monde



I want to give all music
And the whispered prayer of the tree
At the dawn of day
I want to give the morse language of the rain.
And the melody of fresh water
On the spinner of the leaves
The time written on the nodes of the bark.
The singing indecipherable
Of the arabesques of birds
The wind delirium
In the immensity

I want to give the sign of the branches
The viaticum of sap I want to give
Sharing some blood
And that breath circumscribed
In the anguish of the room.
I want to give my cry virgin
I want to give my hands open

In simple morning of the world .




 Selected Comments by Art Critics


 Pedro Pacheco has received numerous reviews throughout his career regarding his work, including Arthur C. Clark, author "2001:A Space Odyssey" who stated, "The technique of Pedro Pacheco is obviously excellent and I feel very proud to have collaborated in the sense that my work inspired him."


 Professor Lode Seghers, art critic of Financieel-Economische Tijd, Belgium, stated: "The works of Pedro Pacheco deserve the same attention and confidence which was demonstrated in the beginning of the century for those who acknowledged without prejudice the rare works of Picasso."


 Mr. Max Wykes Joyce of the London Herald Tribune stated, "Pedro Pacheco is a very mystical and lyrical artist whose works could be compared, although mistakenly, with those of Dali But his inspiration and significance are completely different".


 Ms. Helen Harrison art critic of The New York Times who critiqued the 13th Annual Juried Exhibition of the Fine Arts Museum of Long Island on February 1996, in which she stated: "The most intriguing pieces in this genre are Pedro Pacheco's drawings, in which crumpled paper symbolizes the earth's surface. Without losing its essential character, the paper in "Paisaje Aqua" is both landscape and eroded terrain carved and defined by water. In "Paisaje Y Libro," the paper alludes to books as well as the landscape, further enlarging the interpretive possibilities".


 Cesareo Rodriguez Aguilera ,art critic of La Vanguardia, Barcelona,Spain : "In Pedro Pacheco's pictorial work you feel a force, a security, and a great unit of criteria and of feelings.


 Guillermo Sanchez ,art critic of Gaceta Literaria Barcelona, Spain : "Pacheco offers us a living work, a work that evolves in each painting, and that this is a permanent progression with maturity and effectiveness".


 George Mahy ,art critic of Gazette of Art ,Belgium : "We think that Pedro Pacheco possesses a very strong personality, as to be able to be included in the frontiers of any "ismo." Through his extraordinary technique of the surge and the color, Pacheco has achieved surprising results".


 Louis Pauwels ,writer of "The Morning Of The Magicians". France: "I have a great admiration for Pedro's artistic expression and spiritual beauty".


 Brian Wallworth, art critic of Art Review, London. "Although it doesn't interest me to begin to decipher the dark iconography of the art-work, I must recognize that Pedro Pacheco possesses a prodigious technique. Few timeshave I seen use of the oil so marvelously to be able to define the elements of a painting".





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