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"The humanity is like a tree full of angry buzzing flies under a stormy sky. With the buzz of hatred,cruelty and fear we cannot hear the profound and Divine Voice of the Universe."

Jean Jaures, French writer.



New Series of Paintings. 2012 and 2013 in progress



Art is a necessity of every human being to transcend reality. Art also has almost nothing to do with reason; it belongs to the spiritual world, the world of emotions.

Nobody can “explain” a concert from Mozart, or the meaning of poem.

I think that each artist who is seriously engaged in the arts has the responsibility to report the facts of this reality that we live in our time and that has been created by the human beings.

It is about creating works that express the true reality.

So what I feel, and what I believe is the reason why I'm working on a new project that has to do with another reality.

Another reality that is revealed when you explore, when you research on the other side of the history.

That history has nothing to do with history which is studied in schools and universities, it is that history that is based on the concealment and lies.

I mean that it is the real history, the true history cruel and shameful.

I try to explore this vision with a series of paintings that is titled "Human Experience, Another Reality", which is an invitation to reflect deeply on a world that is being constructed under the pressure of dominant materialism, cruelest and most heinous of dehumanization created by powerful groups of interest, by the global ruling elite serving only their own interests, with the intention of control of the individual and stripping him of his values and principles, subjecting him to a tyranny, silent, dark and cruel, full of lies, and whose sole purpose is to promote chaos, alienation of people and the destruction of society and even nations to establish a world government led by them.

The Globalization, The New World Order, in fact The New Tyranny on Our Civilization.

From the beginning of our Nation Thomas Jefferson wrote this sentence, so valid for our time: “I have sworn upon the Altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of men.”

I believe in a world basic in the integrity, freedom, respect and the compassion.

The plan of the financial elite and other groups of interest that govern today is the product of a destructive concept of the world, based on the belief that there are not enough resources to continue.

That their own safety depends on maintaining full control over the people.

A world view based on scarcity and fear. That is why we must wake up to a final push towards a society, with real human values a community based on love, creativity and compassion. The arrival of a knowledge that has nothing to do with information, it has to do with the essence of the human being that the only knowledge you need to know is we are alive and knowing that you have to transcend. Knowing that you need to love and trust to make things happen.

It has nothing to do with gathering information because that will not help to awaken our consciousness it is the truth that we need to reach the point of change.

Given the social system in which we are immersed, where everything is based on advantage and exploitation and that is the true producer of slaves, with despots and hegemonic institutions, and forces us to behave in a cruel and inhumane manner to one another.

You learn more about yourself when you share and join the others.

It is reaching a state of consciousness that has to do with trust and love.

There are only two emotions that man can experience: Fear and love. We are at a crossroads of evolution and we only have two choices: Choose tyranny and self-destruction, based on fear, or choose the path that leads to a peaceful civilization based on respect for human rights, individual freedom, sharing with others, and love



“Poetic of The Universe”

For a Series of Paintings and Photograph Compositions

Pedro Pacheco

New York,February 2010


“We are not here for a human experience, but for a spiritual one”. In this phrase, Father Pierre Teihard de Chardin has always invited me to reflect on the meaning of life for Man on The Plane Earth and on the search for truth.

If something has taught me to paint – it has been to ask questions. Questions, said Heidegger – are devotion, the prayer of thought.

There is a need – today, more than ever, to seek the truth. We have come to a moral and emotional vacancy that, which reducing our existence to a situation of anguish by conforming to survive within limits.

We have the duty to ask ourselves questions and try (as George Steiner would say) to achieve answers - cost what it may. We live in a time of almost absolute relativism, an era without belief, conviction or references.

We continue to degrade nature, we are indifferent to the alienation of the weakest of social groups, and we continue to be cruel and inhumane to animals.

We live indifferent to the materialistic corruption of Love and Religion.

Maybe our time is the time of dark love and lost faith.

Reflecting on the human condition, the reason why we live, the time which has passed, and our journey through this planet is what inspires my paintings. My painting is my element of expression used to denounce the injustice we have committed to ourselves and to others.

I have approached with humility the knowledge of mythology, philosophical movements, and resurgence of political ideals planted by universal thinkers. I have been interested in astrology, the occult, and eastern cultures. None have fulfilled my inner needs.

Although this crisis continues to affect man, we must continue to search for what motivates us as thinkers - as members of the human race – and for the necessity to survive until the end of our road of life.

I understand Van Gogh when he said: “When I have the insistent need of religion, I go out at night to paint the stars”. I too believe there is a profound humane sentiment and religiousness to my paintings.

We are guests of this earth and perhaps guests of the vast universe. We are comparably insignificant. We have the duty, if only of dignity, to seek truth.

Perhaps the result of this search will have nothing to do with socio-economic improvements, but within the truth we will discover, in the end a profound harmony.

In the conversation with Rabindranagh Tagore, Alert Einstein comments: “The human truth, including science, should be a valid though independent of humanity. I cannot demonstrate that I have the right but it is my religion”.

We shall find inner harmony when we understand how the universe works in relation to us, weather or not it measures up to our expectations.

Today there is a profound need to exit ignorance. As Jean Juares in the decade of twenties expressed: Today the humanity looks like a tree full of flies that are buzzing irritated under a stormy sky and with that buzzing of hate we cannot hear the profound and divine voice of the universe”.

That is today’s situation and for that we must use all mediums: scientific, philosophic, religious or artistic to seek the truth – “cost what it may”.

We are members of a universal community. We are all part of the same dream, the same fantasy, and we will have to cross the limbo stage we are in , if we do not wish to remain in our human condition.

As the admired Father Teilhard De Chardin insisted: “Only on a cosmic scale the fantastic have possibilities to be truth”.






When you intuit that you do not feel yourself, even with all you know and the knowledge you already have.

When you feel that to reach your goals you have to jump a great, deep, dark abyss, where all your fears and ghosts hide.

When after all lived, you forget everything you've learned and try to fly away, and realize that to accomplish that you need to learn even more about yourself.

When after all experienced, almost a lifetime, you understand that you are truly free to decide and survive, and only with that you face yourself again.

When you almost perceive the end of the battle and see that you have reached the threshold.

When you realize that it was worth while, you will live in the glow of your truth, and you will feel yourself, and begin to be, and will extend your arms like wings, and flicking them will cross over the abyss, and will really feel it is you.

Just so you will travel in the Light toward eternity.





"Chained to the Light".

For a Series of Installations.

By Pedro Pacheco NY 2012


We are part of the true miracle of life. We are a link that unites many living beings that have existed before us for four million years.

The history of humanity is a blip in terms of cosmic time, roughly spanning 200,000 years.

Today, more than 1,500,000,000 humans live in the same way that they did 6,000 years ago.

From 1950 to the present, we have changed our world more than in the entire history before. Today, more than half of global wealth is in the hands of 2% of the richest population.

Nevertheless, in the beginning of this century, we have become aware of the link which binds us to the earth and the universe, and we have reached a critical situation and created tremendous social inequality.

Today more than ever we need an agreement among humanity, and between humanity and Earth. An agreement that will be a testimony to the awakening of our conscience in face of the fact that earth is our only home.

In this project I will explore the attitude of the human being, his behavior before nature, while seeking the best path for awakening consciousness in relation to us and our planet.

I also want to create a reflection about the human beings of the XXI century, the ability he has in the face of the breakup of his own integrity, to survive under the realization that his only link with the future is faith in oneself and the possibilities of one’s capabilities when clinging to the hope of the future.

This project titled: "Chained to the light", is designed to raise awareness of the dangerous realities human beings have created and how they may be irreversible if the devastating adventures of human ambition, those vested interests of few, of unscrupulous politicians, continues.

An adventure of human stupidity that can bring us to global disintegration and to the destruction of living beings that natural evolution has been developing for millions of years.

The contemporary man, struggling between different levels of his own condition as an individual and the social upheaval of this era of mass consumption has transformed the conscience of the individual. We suffer a change of vision of this world, a vision that has changed our way of seeing the world, and influenced our spiritual and emotional state.

The contribution to our recent history of different thinkers such as Marx, Freud, Levi-Strauss, and many others, as well as the astrology, occultism, oriental myths, etc.; all have been unsuccessful attempts to give a universal answer to this crisis of meaning and values. Thus modern man is still affected today without an answer for his conscience to satisfy his spiritual needs. Consequently, the contemporary human being, living in the era of the relativism and in consequence our loss of faith, is looking for new references: moral, ethical, social, emotional and spiritual.

We all have an inner light that exists in our own consciousness and that sustains us as a unique living being that thinks about his own existence. Human beings with their own identity are able to look beyond the darkness in search of a new horizon.

Each of us is a small part of the dream of humanity.

Each of us is part of the universal consciousness.

We have not learned yet to see, and also to respect the amazing balance of nature. Everything in it is connected; it is the real engine of life, and the great truth that teaches us that the development of life on our planet is linked, inevitably, to the universe.

Life on Earth teaches us that no element is sufficient by itself. Everything is shared and each element, each species, exists because of the existence of others.

This is the beauty of the delicate symphony of our planet.

We live surrounded by existentialist nihilism that has led to the loss of faith in ourselves, and loss of values that have sustained for millennia.

If we continue to exploit human beings, creating barriers to human solidarity, and plundering the planet, we will continue to be blind before evidence that reveals life, and continues to be subject to the selfishness of a few, and the interest of the nations, not of the people.

The human being will understand the way of truth, his truth, when he is able to transcend his own limits, in the most honest way, and to accept, with humility and respect, that he is a very important link connected with everything that exists.

Only in this way will he participate in the amazing natural balance, and understand the essence of life.

I think the artist has the duty to report and question the loss of values in society; our society, a population of loners that have lost their own references, convictions and beliefs.

I also believe that the duty of every artist is to show his own vision of life: by participating, sharing and engaging in search of a new form of consciousness which inspire new visions of the world.

We are moments of time, we are links in the chain of life together, through uniting, and we will see the glow of light in the conscience. A new world where we can rediscover the authentic values that today we refuse, and remain forgotten: Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

If we do not react in time, we risk losing the only home we may ever have.

The philosopher and orator of the early twentieth century, Jean Jaures, said: “The Humanity is like a tree full of buzzing flies irritated under a stormy sky. With this hum of hate, full of cruelty and selfishness they cannot hear the deep and divine voice of the Universe”.

In our hand is the future of the Earth.




Teilhard de Chardin: His whole philosophy but mainly his work: “The human phenomenon "and" The Future of Man”

Albert Einstein: Everything regarding his thought on the vision of man, society and the future of humanity.

St. John of the Cross: "Dark Night of the Soul"

Plato: "The Republic"

Juan Ramon Jimenez: All his poetic work.

George Steiner":With his work: "Nostalgia for the Absolute"

James Hillman: "The Thought of the heart"

Gilles Lipovetsky: "It was the void."

Octavio Paz: Poetry and Testing.

Hermann Hesse: "Trail of a dream" and "Steppenwolf".

Ortega y Gasset: "The Revolution of the Masses"

Jean Baudrillard: "Postmodernism"

J.F. Lyotard: "The postmodern condition: Report on the know"

Omar Calabrese: "The Era Neo-Baroque"

T.E. Lawrence: "The Seven Pillars of Wisdom"

Joseph Conrad: “Heart of Darkness”

And, among others,

The work of Antonio Machado and Federico Garcia Lorca.






Introduction to the Thought of Louis Pauwels.

Author of the Bestseller : "The Morning of the Magicians"

By Pedro Pacheco, 1972


"This earth has for millions of years supported crops, and its strength is always the same, with a little rain and a little sun every spring greens, and always so. The world could not subsist if it were not so simple. ".

It is this very sense of humility, with which the german philosopher Goethe expresses his thoughts, with which is born, in my opinion, the thinking of Louis Pauwels.

Not in vane is this evident in all of his writings, in the expression of the deep love he had for his father, the laborer tailor, the "man who had a great soul, a person who was one of those rare professors who could become a Master ".

It was he who led Louis Pauwels to the discovery of his hunger for knowledge and his love for mankind.

Throughout his life, dedicated fully to research and study, along comes PAUWELS, accompanied by Jacques Bergier, to create what they called the school of FANTASTIC REALISM.

That it is not about rummaging from the side of dreams and the infraconscienciousness, but on the opposite side: the side of the ultraconsciousness and the Superior Vigil.

In it there should not be the slightest interest for the unusual, the intellectual exoticism, to the Baroque, or the picturesque; for they do not investigate in the suburbs of reality, the fantastic, and other precious matter must be taken from the very bowels the Earth.

Generally, the fantastic is defined as a violation of the natural laws, like a revelation of the impossible.

In the opinion of PAUWELS, it is none of this. The Fantastic is a manifestation of natural laws, an effect of contact with reality, when it is directly perceived, and not filtered by the intellectual dream, by habits, by prejudice or conformism.

The fantastic is not the imaginary. But an imagination strongly applied to the study of reality discovers that the line between the marvelous and the positive is tenuous, or if you prefer, between the Visible Universe and the Invisible Universe.





The Struggle to Painting

By Pedro Pacheco


It's like being submerged into the unknown abyss of the subconscious.

Nothing, there is no control of anything.

It is the pulse of the excitement leave the nothingness, it is the desperate search for a way out into the light.

One day, and another, and more….many more.

Each day a stroke, a spot of color, a line, a thread of paint over the emptiness of the paper or canvas.

It is the anxiety on the road to find something that surprises you, something new, something strong, something full of tension and life, that makes you shudder, that marvels you even if small and weak.

Why is this good and why is it rejected? Where are the coherence, and the reason?

A nearby road to madness. It is loneliness, fear, and anguish. It is the terrible battle to be.

In each painting there is a piece of time, of illusion, of a dream.

Perhaps the figurative construction? The pure abstraction? the Disarray?, the Chaos?, The disintegration of forms?

It is like getting out of the night, it is a battle against the negation of being.

To Paint, to feel the need to express anything about yourself, but to paint what is factual, true, intense, and strong until making make you feel strongest and be victorious in that battle against darkness, against the chaos and madness, that battle to be always yourself.

To search, even if the road every day is different.

It is like beating the wings during the daily fall into the abyss, to be able to maintain myself in the space that life has given me, even when if it produces pain.






Internal Dream

Pedro Pacheco


Want to join in the same dream that drives us to relate to other beings that are part of the universal consciousness.

It is the dream into the light as a path toward hope.

Every link, every step, every experience is part of the path.

They are moments in time, they are silent pauses, they are steps of doubt, they are achievements of our identity that can help enlighten us in the darkness.

Links that together form the chain that leads us to the discovery of the light… at the end of the cave, to the revelation, to the discovery of the new soul.

Some artists collect recordings with the heartbeat of each person, others gather neons to decipher signatures, and there are those who pile clothing making reference to absent beings, as testimony to a reality of departed identities.

I collect faces ...., experiences, fragments of that light which is nothing more than a reflection of our life.

Each of us is an individual who winds up becoming part of the masses, but still keeps his identity, does not disappear.

We are all equally important in our existence; the inevitable disappearance comes to us all, but of all of us remains the secret of the identity of our life saved in the light of our own conscience, for all eternity.



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